dr. Goranov

Perception of beauty

What is beauty?
What ever is pleasing to the eye.
Is Beauty “in the eye of beholder”
There is a strong agreement on what is considered “beautiful” in facial photograph ratings across genders and cultures. Therefore beauty can be measured! Objectively!Or it can’t?!? Is there any maths in art?

Smile design

Planning a smile design could be very easy and extremely difficult in the same time. Human smile is a piece of art, unique for everyone of us as our DNA, fingerprints or iris color. Now you can win your patient's trust in a minute with a single photo. All you need is a computer and the right smile design.
dr. Goranov
dr. Goranov


No two faces are alike, and no two halves of a face are alike. How can we make a symmetrical teeth for both sides of the smile for an asymmetrical face? Is symmetry harmony? Is symmetry beautiful? Do our patients like symmetry?


The Ugly Truth About Beauty We like to think of our society as a meritocracy. A lot of us think we value people because of what they accomplish, or their character, or generosity, or intelligence — that's what we thought mattered, but are we just putting blinders on?
dr. Goranov
dr. Goranov

Golden ratio

Dental esthetics is a rapidly changing field, but like all fields that involve esthetic concerns there are some principles considered to be timeless. One such concept is that of the Golden Ratio as described by Fibonacci in the early 13th century.