dr. Goranov

Virtual Beauty System

Do you have patients who are not feeling comfortable about their new teeth and afraid of what the actual result might be?

Have you ever had a patient you cannot motivate or explain the dental treatement to in any possible way?

Planning your dental treatement is the most important part of the job. It is essential for your success as a clinician and nowadays, showing your patient his final smile and teeth done before you start, is crutial for getting his trust and continue with the preparation.

With VBS you can get patient's trust and confidence by doing a profound analysis on his face (nose, lips, face floors, all natural features) and by applying the laws of esthetics and proportions to estimate the most appropriate shape and type of teeth.

VBS gives you an easy way to draw lines wherever you like on a certain picture, you can establish the mesial line and all horizontal and vertical lines, define the shape and size of patient's face, nose and lips.

You can draw free hand and show all the patients details and features of their teeth and soft tissues.
Use 3 tools
Smile patterns
Different options

Now you can have it all seen before even sitting on the dentist's chair.

All teeth in the sets are taken from real patients that is why they look natural and fit all types of smiles. VBS is a dental software helping dentists and dental technicians to foresee clinical results and analyze according to their own experience and clinical approach. You have the freedom to draw, analyze, combine, change details using your clinical view and following the desires of your patients.

Qui docet discit.
He who teaches learns.

It is made by DENTIST for DENTISTS to help PATIENTS

Now you can see the final result of your dental treatment before even started.

You can have an easy and direct way to ANALYSE your patient's face and smile

You can show your patient all his treatment to-be, including veneers, implants, bleaching, fillings, crowns or periodontal procedures

You can choose from 12 types of smile and apply them to the patient's photo in a natural-looking way


dr. Goranov
dr. Goranov